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Even if the potential of such information is realized by a, there are no attempts to consolidate it in the aggregated look (the financial plan and methods of its was not developed) for granting to marketing specialists. It means that the internal analysis of the relevant data on the market, already available (the retrospective analysis) has to become one of the first steps of situation analysis. It is necessary to deal with those data which are already present, and to create the scheme of finishing them to data of the relevant employees.

From the provided analysis of the economic environment two conclusions are obvious. First, purpose of data collection — to create in rather cheap way a detailed picture of the market, its, a tendency of growth and reduction. Secondly, data it is possible and it is necessary to receive in the cheapest way, and even without expenses from information, secondary, already ready to the use, which gives wide characteristics of significant changes more than the specific conclusions.

to full satisfaction of needs of the buyer, providing Yoili with his means with a complex of means for the solution of specific problems (the alternative principle of Yo-production of goods and ­ with the subsequent search is sold;

Besides, estimating the cumulative income at various volumes of the realized production, it is possible to measure the size of the expected profit and expensive part with a growth of volume of realization. This ­ administrative calculations is called as the analysis of profitability and also is present at this technique.

One of ways of measurement of readiness of the population to store and spend cash — the analysis of traditional consumer preferences and habits, and also the constant income, at the expense of the population buys services.

Thus, if for achievement of the separate purposes of the second level it is enough to achieve two objectives of the third level, for a of other purposes of the same level implementation of bigger number of the purposes of the third level is necessary already.

The relative importance of the purposes of each level can be in the expert way recognizing that the sum of weight of all purposes of each level is equal 1, and the weight coefficient of this way is equal to work of all scales of various levels on this way (as separate ways it is possible to consider all directions conducting to the purposes of the first level).

The analysis of profitability as a technique, anyway, is present at all conducted economic researches. we will not stop on it, but we will give a typical task, in this section.

Situation analysis has to be formal, stated in writing in the form of reports of marketing specialists as all are inclined to a sweeping generalization, often groundless until thoughts and ideas are not recorded on paper.

The analysis shows that the option B pays off in 2,5 months, a And in 5 months. Further the option B in general is more preferable in a of 8,5 months, but upon termination of this term the option A starts making big profit.

Stabilization. Growth of sales, but more and more slow rates, then suspension and eventually reduction. Considerable number of buyers choose brand of goods, that is preference to brand becomes an essential factor, consumption per capita falls.