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Small Sea 1 Now there policlinic. A spacious lobby, over a fireplace an old watch with an inscription of" Leroy". It is interesting that when Herman went with Lisa's note, table business hours of" nice Leroy "got to him.

Ilyich had to spend a lot of time for earning any, giving music lessons - a grand piano and the theory, accompanying singers, etc. It should be noted that then at the young composer did not notice special talent, even said to it that he badly knows music.

Working together with the brother on the libretto, Ilyich special attention to brevity and laconicism in a statement. It enters necessary, in his opinion, episodes. For example, he insisted on Lisa's scene at a flute: "It is necessary that the viewer knew that was become with Lisa".1

ny. He wanted to be a seaman, but the father decided to send him to Mountain school where his eldest son Nikolay studied. And here on two notes wrote names of these educational institutions, put them for an icon, and little Hippolyte, having climbed up a chair, extended one of them: "The sea case". The destiny malchika.1 was so decided