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Vladimir highly appreciated Platon's idealism, his ideal outlook, but considered that one ideas to transform life it is impossible. And therefore, the idea has to be embodied financially, without having lost the meaning. considered that to become the valid superperson only by force of mind and genius it is impossible.

Norova came from an ancient noble family and got a house education typical the then. In a rural solitude, as well as in the presence of "white public", Yakovlevich did not lose neither conviviality of clothes, nor importance of a bearing, brilliance of mind. On charm of his personality and conversation it was also keen rather Dunya Norova in the person of whom Chaadayev finds at first nearly the only listener with silent awe listening to his clever speeches is subdued. Peculiar relations of Chaadayev with women are very important for understanding of its character and philosophy.

Long time Chaadayev was in a condition of profound search and creation of new unity of own personality and thought. In his creativity acquaintance to two young women - Avdotya Sergeyevna Norova and Ekaterina Dmitriyevna Panova was of great importance.

Otherwise Vladimir approached development of a problem of the personality. He analyzed the person in scales global, space, his understanding brought humanistic character. Its researches of essence of good, shame, unity of knowledge, moral, an esthetics, enriched world philosophical thought.

Berdyaev realized and with bitterness noted that contemporaries contemporaries do not understand him. Do not understand his thoughts, ideas which "were in the deep conflict to time and were turned to the far future". "I tried to preach humanity during the most brutal era", - N. A. Berdyaev wrote. And it was an essence of his creativity.

But Tolstoy considers that it is impossible to connect these two stories. But if to connect both histories together as that and is done by the latest historians, it will be history of monarchs and writers, but not history of life of the people.

The considerable part of the third philosophical letter is devoted to consideration of submission of a human zhizeneponimaniye to the highest beginning, the external force, an originality finding the manifestation both in physical and in the moral world.