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The concept of life cycle of goods recognizes that any goods, whatever magnificent consumer properties it possessed, sooner or later is driven out of the market by other, more perfect goods. Constantly only existence of requirements, and means of their satisfaction change. Each goods offered on the market have a certain cycle of life during which it finds the buyers.

As it is known the tourist product — is any service which is satisfying needs of tourists during travel and subject to payment from their party. The concept of the main and additional services acts on practice. However from the point of view of consumer properties, any essential distinctions between them is not present. So, the excursions included in complex service are considered as the main services but if their tourist gets independently in a stay place, they already become additional.

"The new competition" — is the competition among themselves not that is offered by travel companies, and that, than they in addition supply the products in the form of specific services, consultations, information, features of service and other valued people of things. Therefore travel companies have to look for constantly effective ways of a reinforcement of the products offered on the market.

Duration of a stage of introduction of a product on the market can vary in wide limits and is defined by quality of a product, its compliance to needs of consumers, correctly chosen marketing strategy and its consecutive implementation.

Similar classification is useful to marketing planning: being unsatisfied with the amount of sales, the firm considers prospects and chooses instruments of expansion of the market and, first of all at the expense of the served its part.

The market of tourism can be defined as the socioeconomic phenomenon uniting supply and demand for ensuring process of purchase and sale of a tourist at present and in a certain place.

The enterprise actively serves 10% of consumers of the potential market, our region which have opportunity to make a choice from all variety of the offered products including competitor companies.

The stage of growth is characterized by fast increase in sales volume, and, as a result, arrived. Though costs of marketing also remain at rather high level, their share in joint costs of firm significantly decreases.

the tourist offer is also characterized by a number of distinctive characteristics: goods and services in tourism have triple character (natural resources, the created resources, tourist services); high capital intensity of branch; low elasticity; complexity.

The stage of recession means approach of that moment when the tourist sphere starts being satiated with this product. There is a steady falling of sales volumes and a, it is possible even to a zero mark, the size of profit. Transition of a tourist product to a stage of recession can be caused by a variety of reasons.

the equipment (means of placement of tourists, restaurants, the equipment for rest, sports activities, etc.) which in itself is not the factor influencing motivation of travel, but at its absence there are numerous obstacles to possible travel;

As well as any other commodity market, the market of tourism is non-uniform. In its structure the markets, smaller on the scales, are allocated. In this regard there are many signs of classification of the tourist market. Let's note only the most important which have paramount value for market researches.

The beginning of a stage of introduction of a product on the market is considered the moment when the tourist enterprise for the first time offered it to target audience. The main characteristic feature of this stage is slow rate of sale of a product, and, as a result, total absence or existence of insignificant profit.