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What it takes to find meaning in life

The qualitative analysis of drawings is carried out taking into account their formal and substantial aspects. Proportions of separate parts of drawing, its size, style of coloring, force of pressing of a pencil, deleting of drawing or its separate parts, allocation of separate details are considered as informative formal signs of drawing, for example, a drawing arrangement on a sheet of paper. Substantial aspects include features, the movement and mood of the drawn object.

Need of activization of intellectual resources of society is one of the most important conditions of a of the crisis endured now. In, she assumes a solution of the problem of development of social intelligence which is meant to understand as a steady of the person other people and itself, the with people around, and also to predict interpersonal events. Only on this basis strengthening of creative activity of the personality, increase of her insistence and criticality in relation to themselves and to the activity, conscious management of the behavior, a of the person from object of educational influences in the original subject of education is possible. The developed ability of a not only to knowledge of the outside world, but also to self-understanding is considered the integral line inherent in originally person.

Words the house, a tree, the person – are familiar to everyone, but they are not specific and therefore when performing a task the examinee is compelled to project the representation of each object and the relation to that this object symbolizes for it. It is considered that drawing of the house, a tree, the person is a peculiar self-portrait of the drawing person as in the drawing it represents those lines of objects which are to some extent significant for it.